LOST BEAGLE REUNITED because of Missing Pet Partnership and Caring Seattleites

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2012 at 10:35 am

Bailey, a 13 year old Male Beagle, was all waggy tailed to be reunited with his owner, Lindsey on Wednesday night February 15th. 🙂

The woman who had found Bailey brought him in to ALL THE BEST ET CARE in Madison where she had seen a LOST DOG poster about Chunky posted by MISSING PET PARTNERSHIP volunteer, Chris. Chris has put up many large flourescent signs up about Chunky. (I cannot thank him enough for helping to get info out there quickly.)

ALL THE BEST PET CARE employee called Jim from Missing Pet Partnership about a found Beagle. Jim quickly sent me the info. I followed up with a call and asked the woman to describe the beagle: older ~10, red collar, bulge on one side, **friendly**, I knew it wasn’t Chunky. SECONDS later after I got off the phone with the woman I got a call from Lindsey who had seen my info about Chunky and asked if I had received any news about other found beagles. I forwarded her the information and she was reunited with her beagle who had been missing since this morning.

It felt good to help someone reunite with their beloved animal. Personally it was bittersweet moment for me. It was just not Chunky’s time to be found.

Please keep the CHUNKY SEARCH alive!!

I wanted to post something positive and uplifting that has come out of the Chunky Search. I have been receiving many calls, emails, texts, and support from everyone who has seen Chunky signs, but still no sign  or sightings of my little beags.

Thanks to all those that continue to spread the word, search, and  look for my beagle.


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