About Me

Meet Chunky (AKA Beags, Beagle, Chunky Monkey, Chunkster, Chunk): Not your typical waggy-tailed, happy-go-lucky, bawling beagle. Quite the contrary, this pup never howls or barks, rarely wags his tail around anyone (but me), and around others tends to scurry around with his tail tucked between his legs (suspicious the world is out to get him); which makes me love him that much more. He is the perfect house dog and only growls for food when someone is eating rabbit. (Natural instincts? check!) The only animal this dog hunts is stuffed and he’s become an expert in gutting squeakers. Born April 1, 2006, it’s not hard to guess how he got his name (though he has currently grown out of it, I’m sure he will eventually grow back into it one day). WARNING: Ridiculously cute pictures below.

I’m Chunky and I grew up on a farm in Ohio. I am a very scared and frightened beagle by nature. I am not Chunky any more, I grew out of my puppy fat.

I am new to Seattle since October, the city, cars, people and noise scares me.


I got scared by a loud noise at Washington Park Arboretum (my fist visit there) on SUNDAY 2/5 10am. I took off running to my owners car and was captured by someone BUT I wriggled and slipped out of my harness and leash and kept running to nearby Montlake neighborhood. I does not have any tags, ID or microchip. I have staples along my stomach from a recent surgery at the vet. I am VERY VERY VERY SHY and SKITTISH and will be afraid of anyone who approaches. So just sighting or noise reports are helpful.

Please do not try to catch me, I will run away. Just call my owner ASAP.

My owner lives in Greenlake. I have no idea how to get home but headed that direction when I left the arboretum.

PLEASE help me get home. Call or Text if you have any info of sightings or whereabouts of me!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything Helps!!!!! Please help me find my best friend!


I have a whole blog dedicated and inspired by my beloved beagle:



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