How Can I Help?


-Repost this blog to your facebook, twitter, social media etc.

-Repost this blog on community boards: Montlake, Madrona, Westlake, U District, Ravenna, Roosevelt, Greenlake, Interlake

-Anyone on Twitter????Try to get a celebrity to tweet this blog in search of Chunky


– While walking around Montlake/ Arboretum and surrounding area be on lookout for Chunky and report sightings ASAP. PLEASE DO NOT call him, as his skittish behavior will cause him to bolt.

-Help with “Eye Shine” searches at night


-Please let me know if you are interested in posting flyers will give as many out to anyone who is willing to post.

-Help hang large flourescent signs in high traffic areas (will GIVE you these signs if willing to post)

-Donate TIME to help make posters/ and insert flyers into plastic inserts and tape shut.

-Donate TIME to put flyers on cars in neighborhoods (will GIVE you the fliers if willing to do this)

-Hold signs while traffic goes by.

-Post sign in your yard (Will GIVE you signs)

4) NEEDED SUPPLIES (While I keep buying these supplies, if anyone has any extra that they would be willing to donate it is much appreciated)

-Plastic Inserts

-Clear Packing Tape

-Duct Tape

-Large Flourescent signs


Missing Pet Partnership, a grassroots national nonprofit organization (based in Federal Way) is looking for volunteers. Assistance is needed in areas of social media marketing, web site design, dispatching, fundraising, grant writing, booth events, volunteer management, and ground searchers willing to be trained to use our (trained) search dogs and high-tech equipment to track, detect, and capture lost and panicked dogs and cats. Our vision is to develop innovative lost pet search-and-rescue teams in all communities, starting right here in King County.

We will have an informational Volunteer Orientation meeting on Weds Feb 22nd, 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the 320th Federal Way Library in Room # 2. The address is 848 S. 320th Street, Federal Way, 98003. To RSVP your plans to attend this meeting, please either send email to “question @ pethunters dot com” or call and leave a message at (253) 529-3999.

Missing Pet Partnership and their volunteer pet detectives will be featured on Animal Planet’s show “Must Love Cats” coming up on Saturday March 17th! For more information on our work, visit http://www.missingpetpartnership.org. If you love animals and have time to volunteer, COME JOIN OUR TEAM EFFORT!

Please contact me if you can help in anyway with the SEARCH FOR CHUNKY THE BEAGLE LOST IN SEATTLE:

Leah: 330.204.0311


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