Search Efforts


Scouring of WA Arboretum, surrounding Montlake neighborhood, and nearby Montlake Playground, and McCurdy Park near Museum of History and Industry. All day from 10am-2pm and from 5am-8am Monday morning

Chunky last seen running full speed at intersection of E. Miller St. and Lake Washington Blvd ~10 am.

Stopped in person Seattle Animal Shelter.

Started calls to vets/ animal hospitals in area (will post list soon)

Left blanket out at WA Arboretum.


Postering of small 8/5″ x 11″ ~100 flyers near Arboretum and Montlake

Contacted Missing Pet Partnership for help, and was given a lot of search tips.

Search in neighborhoods continues night and day.

More calls to vets, shelters etc. (Will post list soon).


Search Montlake neighborhood.

Put up more posters.

Called more Vet/ Hospitals.

My work, Seattle Gymnastics Academy, emailed out my flyer to all families in the Montlake Neighborhood.


-Nighttime “Eye shine” search with friend. No luck.

-Help from a friend putting up posters in Montlake neighborhood ~ 200 flyers up.

-Left 2 more clothing articles in 2 different potential “chunky” spots


-Met with Jim Branson from Missing Pet Partnership, and search dog Kelsy and Komo to see if they picked up any interesting scents or could draw Chunky out of bushes. No Luck

-Continued search/ postering.

-Met ThreeStar- really nice interesting man who lives in boat under 520 with his dog–will be on the search for him

-Started leaving flyers on peoples cars in Montlake Neighborhood in the middle of the night.

-Made LARGE FLOURESCENT signs posted in high traffic areas ~ 4 signs up

-Created Blog: Many friends and organizations including Conservation Canines posted as status: received over 1,000 hits. THANK YOU!!


-Made more large signs- need to waterproof before hanging


-Findtoto.com Calls to 250 houses in Montlake neighborhood

-Trying to get Smart Tag ID


😦  😦   Sick 😦   😦

Checked Seattle Animal Shelter in Person

Becky Bishop, Executive Director of Reading with Rover sent out email to Reading with Rover listserve to be on lookout for Chunky.

Made To Do List:


-Pick up donated materials from Jeremy and Kate–owners of Bonnie lost in the arboretum for a month.

-Print NEW flyer design

-Post signs in MADRONA

-Post send out blog to Interlake, Madrona, Capital Hill, neighborhood community boards. (Partially done)

-SMART TAG call MONday!!

-Twitter account to tweet Peter King about putting up a post.

-Contact Seattle Weather Man, Cliff Mass, to ask about putting up info on his blog (DONE)

-Planning eyeshine search with fellow beagle owner 🙂 (PLANNED)

-Email info out to my classmates & at UW board (DONE)

-Neoplex marker my car with info (DONE)

-Get car tire fixed (DONE–much thanks to Seattle Toyota who in their hearts wish the best to find Chunky and conducted changing 2 new tires on my car and did labor for FREE! At an auspicious time when I had been overdrafting my account=out of money)

***Remember to try to keep my spirits up, and not get depressed over not doing enough or think that I won’t see Chunky ever again. Really feeling like I lost a part of me. Feeling pretty empty and crappy. Sick to stomach


Missing Pet Partnership, Jim Branson and Kelsy search Northern End of Arboretum, and put up many FLOURESCENT signs in the surrounding area.

Eye shine search for Chunky at McCurdy, Montlake Park, and Arboretum near duck pond. ****Saw all of Jim Branson from the Missing Pet Partnerhip’s neon signs up!*** was an overwhelming touching feeling–gave me hope

Many people and calls about looking for Chunky in Arboretum. Sean, avid runner in arboretum checked Madrona area for Chunky in area.

More neon posters made


Contacted Seattle K5 News Jesse James to ask about running story.

Jim Branson walked with Kelsy and Komu Arboretum route: http://gps.motionx.com/maps/e7ff9043965294979429db33a25fc173

Posted on Capitol Hill Seattle Blogspot Classifieds, Bark Magazine Facebook, Capitol Hill Seattle Facebook Page

BEAGLE REPORT from Animal Control Officer who saw neon poster about female beagle being taken to vet (Jim called was NOT Chunky).

Continued daily search of Seattle Craigslist postings Pets and Lost and Found and daily call to Seattle Animal Shelter. Contacted craigslist ads about found dogs.- no luck


Intersection Alert at Roanoake and 24th street from 4pm-6pm with Missing Pet Partnership: Jim Branson and Pat O’Brien.

Eye shine search with Cheryl, fellow beagle owner, in Montlake neighborhood, Montlake Park, and MOHAI. Handing out flyers to people in the neighborhood

Jim and Kelsy eyeshine patrol in WA Arboretum (southern end) http://gps.motionx.com/maps/6d3ce647d997d3d4aa391936da858bc7

BEAGLE REPORT: Jim receives phone call from All the Best Pet Care in Madison, about a woman bringing in an older beagle. Follow up on call- NOT Chunky. Receive call minutes later from Lindsey missing her beagle= REUNITED. From Missing Pet Partnership’s poster of Chunky at All the Best Pet Care put up by volunteer Chris.

Help from classmates spreading word and also reccommending resources for other posts.


In person visit to Seattle Animal Shelter. Craigslist ads/searching


Finished making 15 Flourescent posters

Heather spreads word about Chunky missing.


Posted ~18 large neon posters around Montlake, Eastlake, Lake Union, Volunteer Park, Interlaken Park

Met with Heather, homeowner near Interlaken park. Searched park together, pointed out spots where other lost dogs have been found and talked with fellow neighborhood dog owners to spread the word. Left Chunky’s dog bed out at her house.

Eyeshine in Madrona Leschi Park, Madison, Brink Parks

Heather and Joe do eyeshines in the rain near MOHAI, foster island and northern arboretum


Visit to Seattle Animal Shelter.

Search in Leschi, Madrona, Brink Parks.

Posted 3 more neon signs.

Megan, contacted craigslist found beagle ad in Everett–not Chunky was microchipped

2 week mark of missing leaves me depressed. Getting support from people calling, emailing and offering words of encouragement to not give up. Very hard with no news, sightings, etc.

BEAGLE REPORT: 2 beagles found in Arlington WA–contacted and really really really hoping it is Chunky–being taken to Everett Animal Shelter on 2/20. Waiting to hear back from craigslist ad poster.


Community Boards to Contact: Queen Anne, community mom’s boards, Eastlake, Interlaken, South Lake Union, Madrona, Madison, Ravenna, Roosevelt, U District, UW student board

Make more signs to put up closer to my home in Greenlake

Searches near Greenlake, Ravenna, Roosevelt, Cowen Park


If one more person tells me about how I *should* have had Chunky microchipped I am going to SCREAM!

Today (I was in a weak moment and feel terrible about it) I went on a crying outburst at a volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter who told me that the best way to find Chunky would be if he had been microchipped and I should have had him microchipped. (Great-thanks- yup–doesn’t really help bring him back–feeling pretty crappy about myself as it is and very very depressed, stressed and frustrated so to hear this–it does NOT help!!) Yes I KNOW about it now.

I also understand that people are only mentioning this to try to help and most do it in a kind caring manner. Saying this does not help me get my dog back and only makes me feel more miserable and depressed. Yes, if I ever do get him back I will get him microchipped.


1) People from rural areas don’t talk about microchipping–I had never even heard of the concept or thought about it until moving to Seattle. At least in Ohio microchipping is a novelty and I seriously doubt many pet owners in rural areas on farms have their animals microchipped.

2) Chunky wears a collar with ID tags in addition to a harness with tags when we are out walking. His collar is on 24/7. He is NEVER off leash–because he is too SKITTISH and would run away.

3) Why didn’t Chunky have his collar on if it’s on 24/7?

My precious dog just had surgery 2 weeks ago. He chewed his cone off in the first 5 minutes home from the hospital. In order to prevent him from chewing at his stitches, I duct taped his cone to his collar. Thus his collar had become his cone and **I took it off when he went on short walks around the block to pee because he couldn’t walk very well with the cone on–he kept stepping on it.

3). Why did I take Chunky to the Arboretum after recent surgery?

He was supposed to get his stitches out Wednesday 2/7. It had been 2 weeks from his surgery: he was all healed, feeling perky. I thought we could enjoy some time together in the sun sitting at the WA Arboretum (walking very little) while I practiced sketching. It was a beautiful day and I just wanted to enjoy it with my dog outside like we always do.


Chunky was clipped to my backpack. A loud noise scared him. He took off running with my backpack trailing him (only scaring him more!). I dove on the backpack to stop him. The leash snapped off from the backpack. He ran back to my car where a woman with a baby caught him. He had wriggled out of his leash and harness, by the time I reached my car the woman had drove off leaving Chunky’s leash and harness in a pile and a group of people that pointed me in the direction he ran. While calling “Beagle” in the arboretum, 2 people had seen Chunky running full speed at  the corner of Miller and Lake WA BLVD.


Chunky’s Staples, his skittish behavior, his newness to the area and city, his fear of everything, will he find something to eat, will he die of hypothermia? where can he stay warm and dry–is he even alive–no one has seen him.

Apologies for my venting just had to get that out of my system.


To the overwhelming positive outpouring I have received from the community and complete strangers who are actively donating their time and efforts searching for Chunky. Simply Thank You, I can’t tell you what this means to me and Chunky.


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