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6th Scents!!!! CHUNKY = FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HAPPY TAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Beagle is found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[AFTER MISSING FOR 15 days with no sign of him] on Monday at around 7:30pm Chunky was found at the Washington Arboretum near the visitor center past the greenhouses on a little footpath.

Joe and Drummer, the little (big) miracle dog

The Details:

FROM YOUR HELP SPREADING THE WORD AND SHARING CHUNKY’S BLOG, word spread to Heather and Joe (from one of your 125 shares on facebook or the signs in the area) and couldn’t resist his cute lil’ pictures. They wanted to help and lived near Interlaken Park near the Arboretum. Heather had told me many dogs that get lost in the arboretum end up drinking out of their fountain in the backyard near Interlaken Park. Heather encouraged me to put Chunky’s bed out to lure him in on their back porch. She was already leaving out food, treats, and another bed out in hopes he would come up and stay. Well, DRUMMER, their Bermese Mountain dog had been enjoying those treats, and smelling Chunky’s scent on his bed for the past four days.

Heather and Joe had looked for Chunky near MOHAI. After hashing out the best places to go with Heather and Joe, we decided to focus on the Arboretum, Madison Park and the Golf Course since I hadn’t looked there yet. I was out with Joe and Drummer around 7:15pm to return to the last point Chunky had seen me at the Arboretum. We walked over to the blanket I set out for Chunky near the parking lot hid under a bush. We walked up towards the visitor center.

At the visitor center Drummer picked up a scent. He was on to something so we just walked along following where Drummer went. Wer walked past the visitor center, greenhouses and along a footpath near the golf course. I started calling out Chunky’s name and doing eyeshines.

All of a sudden Joe said to turn around. I COULD NOT BELIEVE MY EYES: My Beagle!!!!! Drummer had jumped a little as Chunky came trotting up behind us. I whipped out some food and scooped him in  my arms. It was a happy moment as Joe, Drummer, Chunky and I embraced by our good fortune. With Joe’s intuition wanting to check the area out, and with Drummer, the little miracle tracking dog, smelled his buddy’s scent and wanted to check it out.

Reunion! Chunky and Drummer greet each other again!:) (and enjoy some well deserved ear scratches!)

Perhaps it was the fact Drummer lured Chunky out with me there. Perhaps dogs have a 6th sense and Drummer had been smelling Chunky for three days. Perhaps (what I also think) is everyone’s outpouring of postive energy thinking, hoping, and praying for Chunky. I think it is a combination of all of these things.

With your help word spread like fire through facebook (over 125 known shares!), Missing Pet Partnership’s support & help, and with Heather, Joe and Drummer’s help somehow everything came together in a snowballed effect and we found Chunky.

With Much Love and Thanks to ALL for EVERYTHING,

Leah & Chunky

P.S. I am overwhelmed and touched by the support I have received in the Greater Seattle Community and the Chunky search community with people from as far away as Arizona and Colorado who have helped. And to all those with positive thoughts, energy, and your support telling me to not give up hope in my darkest moments.

Off to the Vet tomorrow to get a check-up, staples out and microchipped!:) Also going to get a martingale collar too–recommended by MPP!:)

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Special Thanks to Missing Pet Partnership: Jim, Chris, Pam

Searches with Jim, Cheryl, Des, Jeff, Heather, Joe, and Drummer, and to all those who walk the arboretum such as Sean and others who have let me know they are out there looking for him everyday! Thank you!!

I have met some incredibly amazing people throughout the search process. And to those I haven’t met that have helped and I don’t even know it thank you.

Okay I’m done gushing for the night–time to cuddle with my Beags.