UN-BEE-LIEVE-ABLE!!! Chunky’s Story Gets Even SWEETER!!

In Uncategorized on February 21, 2012 at 10:59 pm

Chunky sees Dr. Lara Kreyenhagen after 15 days in the WA Arboretum

**TALK** about a FEEL GOOD STORY!!!!

Dr. Lara Kreyenhagen was the vet who saw Chunky today at Aurora Veterinary Hospital in Greenlake. What is incredible is that Dr. Lara Kreyenhagen lives in Montlake. She had seen the missing Chunky signs posted around the neighborhood and nearby school.

I told the whole found story about Chunky being found by a dog from a couple who contacted me that they find a lot of lost dogs in the arboretum in their yard. When she asked who it was, I said Heather and Joe who have Drummer their Bernese Mountain Dog. It turns out Lara knows Heather and Joe!

NOW, the crazy part.

Lara’s little rescue boston terrier had been lost around the Montlake neighborhood. Heather and Joe had found Lara’s dog in their yard. Lara also had ties to Heather and Joe’s other Bernese Mountain Dog, Ollie. (A heart renching  backstory where Ollie had gotten cancer and after every effort possible it was Ollies time. Lara was the vet who came over to the house to help ease him on.)

By pure chance or not, Lara was the vet who saw Chunky today..

Talk about karma and an incredibly small world.

I just wanted to share that will all of you. I can’t thank you enough.

Chunky’s Bill of Health:

-Lost 5 lbs.

– A little dehydrated


-Blood tests

– Shot of liquids


-Blood results in tomorrow


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